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Beago - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders and Characteristics of Beago Dog

The beago breed is a mix breed that involves the beagle and the golden retriever breed.

The beago dog is commonly known as a golden beagle as well. Being a mixed breed, the beago is a sort of lottery when it comes to how the dog will look. Some beago dogs take after their beagle heritage whereas others look like small golden retrievers.

This beago mix is further complicated when one considers the fact that the mixed bred dogs may be bred with pure bred or mixed bred dogs, thus complicating the lineage of each dog more. The characteristics and temperament of the dogs is therefore determined by the type of dog breed most closely linked to.

Beago Puppies, Breeders and Characteristics

The fortunate thing when it comes to the beago is the fact that both beagles and golden retrievers are extremely friendly dogs. Thus, one can expect a great deal of affection from the dogs of the beago breed.

Golden retrievers are easy going and affectionate although they may not be smart and cunning. Some of this tends to rub off on beago dogs as well which is why most owners find their dogs easy to deal with.

Beago dogs need some exercise as they tend to have some of the retriever instincts that they get from their golden retriever lineage. Thus, dogs may be restless when they spend too many hours indoors and when they have restricted play hours. This is one reason why the beago is best suited to a suburban environment where there is some place to play and roam around. Golden retrievers are much larger than beagles and this tends to rub off on the beago as well to a certain extent. The beago is therefore larger than the beagle but smaller than a golden retriever.

The beago is a fiercely loyal dog and will spend hours with its owner if there is a need to do so. They are also extremely affectionate and tend to require a lot of affection as well. Beago dogs that do not receive affection tend to bark excessively and demand their owners pay attention to them. This can get irritating for some owners. This also works against keeping a beago in an urban setting where the owner may have to leave the house for hours on end. Beago puppies and beago puppies for sale are relatively rare. Often, one may need to specially request beago breeders to mate a pair of dogs.


  Submitted on November 3, 2011  

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