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Afghan hound

Afghan Hound Dog, Puppies:

These dogs are aloof and dignified.

You could say that they are the aristocracy among dogs. They are not only exceptional hunters, but also terrific show dogs that are praised for not just their appearance, but also for their poise.

Physical Characteristics: The Afghan Hound dog has a long, silky coat and they come in different colors. According to the Afghan Hound information, this dog has a double-suspension gallop and can chase fleeting game. Since these dogs have a short back and high pelvis, they can jump to great heights and can turn easily.

Since they have big feet, they are protected from running injuries and the silken coat keep them warm in cold weather.

An Afghan Hound holds its head high and has an expression of dignity and pride.

Afghan Hound Temperament:

This breed can sometimes be timid and reserved. They are known for their hunting skills. But if you have Afghan Hound puppies or dogs, you can rest assured that they will live peacefully indoors.

They have a happy temperament and are good with children. Sometimes, however, these dogs can behave badly and be moody.

Afghan Hound Training, Care:

You need to comb the dog’s coat very carefully. You should give the dog a lot of care, when it sheds its puppy coat. You also need to provide the dog with opportunities for ample exercise on a regular basis– a short sprint or a long walk every day should be sufficient for the dog. Do make sure that your Afghan Hound has access to the outdoors and that also has adequate sleeping arrangements.

Afghan Hound Health:

This dog can live between 12 to 14 years, and you don’t have to worry about major health problems. They are however susceptible to tail injuries and can even react adversely to barbiturate anesthesia. They might occasionally suffer from necrotic myelopathy, cataract, and canine hip dysplasia (CHD). If you feel that your dog has any health problems, you must take it to the vet for an examination.
Afghan Hound History:

This is an ancient breed of dogs that originally belonged to the Middle East. You can trace the ancestry of these dogs to the Egyptian pharaohs. Originally, nomadic tribals used these hounds to hunt for meat. The dogs helped hunt for hare and other small game, with the help of falcons. These wonderful hounds were brought to England in the earlier part of the 20th century. Persian Greyhounds and Barukhzy Hounds were some of their earlier names.

These days, the Afghan Hounds are known to be glamorous dogs and are popular in dog shows.

  Submitted on February 11, 2010  

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