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Chestie - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Nature, Appearance and Temperament

The chestie dog is not a pure bred dog.

It is actually a cross between a Westie and a Chihuahua. If you wish to establish the kind of temperament or characteristics that chestie puppies or a chestie dog might display, it should help to research the temperament and traits of the dog’s ancestors. As with any hybrid, the chestie will typically display a combination of its parent’s characteristics.

Chestie Dog Breed, Puppies, Appearance and Temperament

The Chestie’s appearance is characterized by a black coat with a white undercoat and white paws.

Some Chestie’s may have a bit of brown in their coats. The disposition of a Chestie dog is extremely pleasant. They can be playful, loving and are also very intelligent.

Normally a Chestie will weigh anywhere between 5 pounds to 7 pounds.  Chestie puppies can be great company for children and are also great with any other pets that you might have at present. The Chestie dog breed can also be termed as a designer breed.

Normally when two different breeds are mated it is done with the intention of getting healthier and stronger puppies. These hybrid puppies usually have the mental and physical qualities of both the parents. Normally their coloring can be a mix. From the Westie parentage there will be a base of white with some wiry hair and normally they get their big eyes and ears from the Chihuahua parentage. One should ensure that their wiry hair is properly groomed, as dust and dirt can accumulate to cause matting of the coat. It is normal for these dogs to shed occasionally, but this can be reduced if they are washed and brushed properly. At the same time you should avoid bathing them excessively as this can cause them to lose some of the natural oils present in their coats. People who suffer from allergies need to make a note of this point.  These dogs are usually very warm and lovable and make great companions. They can also be very active and lively. These dogs tend to howl a lot more than they bark. Some of them may seem to be a bit spoiled, a characteristic they might have inherited from the Chihuahua. One should ensure that they are groomed on a weekly basis. It is also recommended that one clean and brush their teeth often. This will help in keeping any periodontal disease that the animal might suffer from at bay.
  Submitted on October 7, 2011  

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