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Swedish vallhund

Swedish vallhund dog breed, history and training swedish vallhund puppies

The Swedish Vallhund, as the name suggests, is a breed of dog that originated in Sweden.

Also popularly known as the Viking Dogs, they were originally bred as cattle herders. Their responsibilities grew however, as their many advantages became known. They eventually also began to be used as vermin hunters and guards.

The dog is known for its sheer power and courage.

It is a watchful dog that is both fearless and energetic. The intelligence of the dog is beyond doubt, one of the finest in the species. It's a small dog that keeps alert and though friendly, can intimidate with its barking.

Though the dog is of small stature, it is very agile.

However, as with most dogs, the Swedish Vallhund may also tend to put on a lot of weight and appear rather pudgy, which is a serious flaw, both in terms of show and health. Nevertheless, the dogs have a tendency to appear pudgier than they are.

The Swedish Vallhund has two coats. The coat of the dog is medium in length and is ideally very harsh. The undercoat is soft and dense whereas the top coat is close to the body and quite tight. The coat is longer on the sides and the neck.

Though historically bred for herding and ratting, Swedish Vallhunds make for excellent companions. They love their human families and desire to be the constant centre of attention because of which they often appear clownish. To seek attention, the dog may also try to show off its particular skills. Early training for Swedish Vallhund puppies is a must, because they are wary of strangers and may not allow previously unknown persons to enter your house. Though the dog is extremely responsive and generally even tempered, it may sometimes prove to be dangerous for unsuspecting strangers who may have come into your private space. The puppy, when properly trained, can be made to socialize with others. If this is not done, the dog often grows up to be overly protective of its owners.

Though the Swedish Vallhund resembles another European dog named the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, a formal link between the two dogs is yet to be made. The breed nearly became extinct in the mid twentieth century and it was only with a lot of effort that it was revived again. The Swedish Kennel Club was also late to recognize the breed because of which, the ownership of a Swedish Vallhund was practically unheard of.

  Submitted on October 15, 2009  

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