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Welsh terrier

Welsh terrier dog, temperament, grooming and training welsh terrier puppies

The Origin of the Welsh Terrier.

The Welsh terrier was developed in Wales and happens to be one of the very old breeds of dogs. The breed is of the Celtic origin. Earlier the Welsh terrier was used for hunting animals like the badger and fox. It is a direct descendant of the Black and Tan terrier. The Welsh terrier is also considered to be closely related to the Irish terrier.

The Look. The Welsh terrier is an active breed and can be found involved in some or the other activity. It is a medium sized dog which is sturdy and athletic. The coat is a mix of black and tan, and the texture is wiry. The Welsh terrier is a square looking dog, and with the tail docked it looks even more of a square.

Even the muzzle is squared off and is half the length of the head. The Welsh terrier stands at 15 inches around the shoulder and weighs somewhere between 20 to 25 pounds.

The Temperament. The Welsh terrier is spry and fast. It loves to chase around the house with anything of interest to it. They can easily be found chasing a cat or a rabbit. Inside the house their favorite prey is a rat or a vermin. Always remember that it is a dog with high prey-drive. The Welsh terrier is bold and at the same time, a very affectionate dog. It gets along with children pretty well. This temperament and fun attitude makes a Welsh terrier an amazing pet for your household. The Welsh terrier should be made to get along with other dogs at a very early age, for it becomes quite tough for them to socialize later. If there is a dog fight going on, the Welsh terrier will not back out of it even if the other dog is five times its size.

The Training. While training a Welsh terrier, try not to hasten things up and go overboard because of the sensitive nature of the dog. Their training should be administered as if it is a game, and make sure that you are not pushing the dog to its limits. The Welsh terrier is considered easier to train as compared to other terriers.

The Grooming. As the coat of the Welsh terrier doesn't shed and the coat jacket is wiry, dense and hard, therefore it requires to be brushed several times in a week. It is also to be hand stripped and clipped at least three to four times in a year. If this is not done, it is very likely for the longer hair on the face and the legs to matt.

  Submitted on October 14, 2009  

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