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Irish setter

Irish Setter Breed of Dog:

In the United States of America, this breed of dog used to be known as the Irish red setter.

The Irish setter dog is identifiable as an aristocratic bird dog. These dogs come with an extremely feathered coat which is lovely and silky. Typical colors range from chestnut to a beautiful mahogany. While splashes of white are also seen in some dogs, on both chest and feet, the color black isn’t.

In an interesting twist, sliver-gray strands of hair may be sometimes observed in Irish setter puppies, but as your pup grows, these can simply vanish. These dogs are often confused with a similar breed known as Irish red and white setters, although the two are distinct. Both breeds however need proper exercise of not only the physical kind, but also the mental variety. If not they develop into rather giddy dogs who are usually excitable and easily upset.

This breed is a mixed one with pointers and spaniels as well as setters coming into the mix. The Irish setter’s sense of smell and ability to point as well as retrieve makes it a nice hunting dog. Being a pretty handsome and disciplined dog, such setters make good show dogs. They also serve as wonderfully kind natured family companions.

Irish setters are typically affectionate dogs who come with plenty of energy and lots of spirit. This is one outgoing dog that isn’t afraid to make new friends and at the same time this setter displays stable temperament. A point to note about these setters is that they are also rather intelligent, which you might miss observing because of their affable nature. Since these dogs can be impulsive due to their independent streak, as an owner you have to be loving but firm. It is imperative that you establish your natural authority over these setters. Since they are already rather sensitive what they need is consistency, since they are naturally responsive. Irish setter training needs to be prompt. Getting those Irish setter puppies to settle in and learn the rules of your house shouldn’t be too difficult. Bloat in Irish setters is a serious concern. As with humans, meal adjustments can go a long way to prevent this. They do present a number of problems such as hypothyroidism, harsh skin allergies and eye problems. Ear inflammation is another condition which usually crops up so you have to constantly check their ears. Grooming, because of matting, is important with such Irish setters.
  Submitted on December 29, 2009  

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