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Australian Retriever

Australian Retriever - Information on the Dog Breed, Breeders, Puppies, For Sale, Characteristics and Temperament

The Australian Retriever is a cross between an Australian shepherd and a golden retriever.  The combination of these two breeds is actually rather well matched, with the hybrid offspring have a smooth blend of the appearance of both parents, though the physical appearance of the golden retriever is predominant.  The hybrid is docile and well behaved, but sheds all through the year.  This may be a nuisance to the owner, but the dog’s friendly disposition makes it worth it.

It is an excellent family dog with an ideal character that makes it easy to train.  

The Australian Retriever Physical Appearance

The Australian Retriever is of medium build, about 24 inches high and weighs about 45 pounds.  The color of the coat is either golden brown or golden light brown.

The coat requires regular brushing to keep it healthy. The Australian Retriever has a body that is compact and solid but of medium size.  The legs give it an athletic appearance, and the tail is tapering, and carried in a downward sloping position.

The coat of this dog is soft and silky to the touch and feels tight on the skin. The coat requires regular brushing to keep it healthy, and to free it from the grit that normally gets stuck in a dog’s fur.

Australian Retriever Characteristics and Temperament

This dog breed is very sociable and affectionate, a temperament displayed through its active and sunny disposition. Australian Retriever puppies are sturdy little fellows and even at a young age, they enjoy being a part of the family. They also enjoy strenuous activities like hiking and swimming and are often quite at home in the water.  Moreover, since these puppies are extremely intelligent, they are also very easy to house train.

When buying an Australian retriever, it would be sensible to opt for a dog from a rescue center rather than buy one from a breeder. However, if you wish to get a pup, make sure that you only contact reputable Australian retriever breeders to ensure that the pup is healthy and well cared for. Australian retriever puppies are very loving and affectionate and it is important that they do not receive any sort of harsh treatment at this age as this could have a lasting impression. You can also ask your vet for information on Australian retriever puppies for sale as breeders often contact vets to give their puppies a check-up as well as to find out about interested buyers. It would be advisable to you ask your vet for more Australian retriever information and facts before making a decision.
  Submitted on September 23, 2011  

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