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Thai ridgeback

Thai Ridgeback Breed of Dog:

The Thai ridgeback dog is one of the oldest breeds of dogs and was, until only recently, predominantly found only in the confines of is native Thailand.

The unique characteristic of the Thai ridgeback dog is that it is one of only three breeds of dog that has a ridge of fur running along the back in opposite direction to the rest of its coat. The other dog breeds that possess this feature are the Phu Quoc ridgeback and the Rhodesian ridgeback. History and archeological findings show that this breed of animal existed as far back as the Stone Age of Thailand and, primarily because of the fact that Thai villages were so isolated; the dogs were inbred within the villages over a period of centuries.

Scientists believe that this is what has significantly contributed to the unique appearance of the animal. The overall appearance of the Thai ridgeback is that it has a muscular body that is coated in seemingly loose fitting skin. The most common colors of the breed include black, blue, silver and chestnut.

The ears are rather large, high set and triangular in shape and will tend to lean forward a little.

The Thai ridgeback dog is highly regarded for its effectiveness as a watchdog as well as a guard or hunting dog. However, while most of these capacities require some amount of ferociousness, the Thai ridgeback dog is also very affectionate and loving towards its owner. Although they make very good companions, you should avoid leaving them alone with a child in the house. Thai ridgeback puppies should be allowed to socialize in order to prevent them from acting very aloof towards strangers when they mature into adult hood. Although they are very alert and intelligent animals – training the animal may be a little tough making training quite a straightforward task. However, training needs to be imparted by a strong minded individual or else the animal will start to assume control – thereby developing a number of character flaws including destructiveness and disobedience. If the animal has matured into an adult with some unwanted behavioral issues, they can be curbed as long as the dog has an experienced and understanding handler.  

The Thai ridgeback dog is considered to be a very healthy breed of dog and does not suffer from any common medical ailments. While they require a significant amount of exercise, they can easily adapt to an apartment lifestyle. The Thai ridgeback dogs do not require much grooming and will only occasionally require a grooming to remove any dead hair.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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