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Best Fighting Dog Breed

Best Fighting Dog Breed - Information on Dog Fighting and List of Top 10 Best Fighting Dogs

Dog fighting is a very popular sport.

Many dog breeds originated because better and stronger dogs were needed to fight and win these dog fights. New dog breeds were not created especially for fights. The sport began with whichever dog was available for fighting.

Dog fighting has origins in histories of many cultures.

The first mention of it was in the history of British Isle. It was brought to America by British immigrants and it took strong root into American soil. Pit bull was the also the dog that was introduced to America, with dog fighting.

List of Top 10 Best Fighting Dogs

A dog fight has rules similar to a boxing match.

Two dogs are let in to fight and initially it was till one dog killed another or maimed him enough. Periodically the fight is stopped to check t he stability of the participants. The dogs bred for fighting are bred with certain traits like loyalty, doggedness and a single-minded desire to win. The best fighting dog breed is a Pit Bull. It is a fearless breed that can take on any opponent. Their knack is to lock on their jaw on to the opponents and not let them go. Pit Bulls are known to kill their opponents and therefore are big favorites in the dog fighting arena. The top 10 best fighting dogs are Dalmation, Boxer, Presa Canaro, Chow Chow, Doberman Pinschers, Alaskan Malamutes, Huskies, German Shepherd, Rottweilers and Pit Bulls.

There are many fighting dog breeds as dog fighting is a very competitive sport and many dogs are bred for explicit fighting purposes. Sometimes mixed breeds are created in order to have superior competitors. Two strong and deathly breeds are bred to produce a new breed that will show strong characteristics of both breeds. For example, the bullmastiff was a breed created from the Pit Bull and the Mastiff. Similarly other breeds like Boxweiler is a combination of a Boxer and a Rottweilier or an Alaskan Husky which is a combination of an Alaskan Malamute and A Husky, are all examples of cross breeding.

There are many who protest this form of sport as it is considered barbaric and inhuman. Not only is the whole process of pitting two dogs against each other bad, the whole cross breeding that results from it can also be unhealthy as pure genes are slowly disappearing.


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