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Field spaniel

Field Spaniel Breed of Dog:

Coming from the spaniel breed of dog and having natural hunting instincts, the Field Spaniel dog was primarily bred a show animal.

The main idea behind their breeding was to create a dog that had a solid black coat instead of the very common freckled variety. With the huge amount of success and public demand for these dogs, almost every black spaniel with the inclusion of cocker spaniels and Irish water spaniels were bred to produce this offspring. Breeders also used Sussex spaniels and basset hounds to help develop another type of field spaniels that have noticeably longer backs and shorter legs.

However, this breed soon became well known for a tremendous amount of health problems closely associated with its augmented back and legs. Unfortunately, the breed is considered to be rather rare and breeders all over the world have been trying very hard to restore the animal to its former levels of popularity as well as population.

The Field Spaniel dog is of medium height and may have a white patch across the chest.

Like any other dog from the spaniel category, the field spaniel puppies and adults will have a significant amount of fringe hair around areas like the ears, underside and paws. The ears are rather large while the neck will be strong and muscular. The temperament of field spaniels sees it to be a very independent dog that is very sweet and affectionate. The Field Spaniel dog is also highly intelligent accompanied by a trait of it being very active. As a result, a tremendous amount of exercise is required over the course of the day. When allowed to socialize, the dogs have a natural tendency to develop into pack leaders. If you restrict the opportunities for the Field Spaniel dog to mix and socialize with other digs, you could curb these natural instincts from becoming more apparent. The Field Spaniel dogs are very good with children and very often share the same levels of energy, making them good companions for each other. As a result of their boundless energy and playfulness, keeping them pent up in a small apartment may not b the best idea as they would require, at the very least, a small open yard. They also tend to prefer regions of cooler climate. The dogs will usually live for about 10 to 12 years and are prone to conditions like hip dysplasia and some ear infections.

  Submitted on December 29, 2009  

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