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Italian Mastiff Cane Corso

Italian Mastiff Cane Corso - Information on the Dog Breed, Temperament, Training and Lifespan

The italian mastiff or cane corso mastiff breed has its origins in the south of Italy.

It is primarily a hunting dog and is believed to have descended from the Roman canis pugnax and the Neapolitan mastiff breeds. Italian mastiff or cane corso puppies, however, are lighter and more agile. This breed was used for hunting or war. The Italian mastiff breed was also used in a gambling sport called bull baiting wherein dogs were matched up against a chained bull.

The cane corso Italiano breed almost became extinct in the 1980s and ever since there has been an effort made to increase the population of this breed. The Italian mastiff dog breed is predominantly popular in southern Italy. Male dogs grow to a size of 64 to 69 cm in height and weigh about 45 to 50 kg. Female dogs grow to about 58 to 61 cm in shoulder height and weigh about 40 to 45 kg.

The dogs are lean, large and athletic. They have long ears, wide muzzles and arched necks. The coat is short and dense and may be grey, fawn or black in color. The muzzle may be grey or black and there may be white markings on the feet and chest. Here is some more italian mastiff cane corso information.

Temperament, Training and Lifespan of Italian Mastiff Cane Corso

The italian mastiff cane corso temperament is calm, stable and even. Obedience training is easily done with these dogs. Cane corso dogs are known to get strongly attached to their owners. They also show a willingness to please their owners. Italian mastiff or cane corso puppies must be trained with positive reinforcement. Cane corso dogs tend to be suspicious of strangers and hence aggression must be strongly discouraged. The dogs often show dislike for new people or animals since they feel the need to maintain their status quo. Therefore owners should exercise caution when new people or animals are around the dog.  Although, this is a relatively quite breed, these dogs may bark at things they are uncertain about.

Cane corso dogs do not need too much grooming. A good brushing now and then helps to get rid of dead hair. These dogs adjust easily to living outdoors when proper shelter and socialization is given. They are prone to hip dysplasia and also bloating. Therefore their meals must be spaced properly in the day. The lifespan of can corso mastiff dogs is 10 to 11 years.


  Submitted on December 15, 2011  

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