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Dalmatian Dog:

The Dalmatian dogs are probably one of the most recognized breeds of dog on the face of the earth because of its spotted appearance.

It was also popularized in the movie 101 Dalmatians. The origins of this dog go way back to the region of Dalmatia in Croatia. The exact reason why these dogs were so popular is unclear; however, it is known that Dalmatian training usually centered around being guard dogs and hunters.

Another curious trait in this family of dogs is that Dalmatian puppies are born devoid of any spotting and only get their spots a few weeks into growth. The dog was introduced in England where it became a favorite in hunting game because of its agility. The dog is also recognized as being one of the oldest breeds known.

This gives them special advantages of being free of many common dog ailments, though they do suffer from some problems like deafness, stones, and gout.

The Dalmatian is usually always known as a white and black spot combination though there are some varieties that also have been known to have a lemon spotted appearance. One of the most popular faces of this dog is as a firehouse dog. This is because of the dog’s excellent ability to work with horses. In the old days of firefighting, carriages were drawn by horses and Dalmatians were used to clear the path for the horses. In addition to this, their hunting instincts were of great use when the also aided firefighters in finding victims that were unconscious. The dog’s bravery is quite commendable since most animals will flee from a blaze. Since the old days, horse drawn carriages have become history, and because of this the actual use of a Dalmatian has been rendered redundant. However, most fire stations still have Dalmatians as a salute to their bravery in previous years.

As mentioned before, the Dalmatian is one of the original dogs and has existed for many years as a breed. This means that they are genetically not prone to some of the problems that most dogs have and the usually live a long life of up to 15 years. Hip dysplasia, is a problem that most dogs suffer but is unheard of in this breed. The disease that the dog is prone to is deafness and sometimes blindness; though these are being eliminated genetically. Gout is also a problem that occurs and can be treated with specific medication.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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