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The Abruzzenhund is a massive dog, which has a very distinct appearance.

This fiercely independent dog is known by many names, most of which categorize it as a sheepdog. The dog, though massive in its size and appearance, is a very affectionate dog that can be trained to guard flocks of sheep.

The Abruzzenhund dog originated in Italy and was used mostly on farms. The Abruzzenhund dog has descended from the Eastern sheepdogs, known to have a completely white appearance.

The Eastern sheepdogs were very popular all over Europe because of their use on the farms. These sheepdogs were bred with a lot of different dogs to create many of the modern sheep dog breeds.

Abruzzenhund puppies are small and have a snowy-colored coat. They appear very beautiful and docile.

However, as the dog grows, they assume a bear-like appearance. Their head is especially like that of a bear, and their dense and thick white coat helps them carry the fierce appearance. Their muzzle is also white, with a black nose. The dense coat that they have is ideal for the colder areas of Europe. The fur itself is long, thick, and slightly wavy. Though the Abruzzenhund dog is predominantly white, there may be ivory and pale yellow markings on the body, especially near the ears.

The Abruzzenhund dog is a very friendly dog. It is even tempered and tends to be very reserved around strangers. However, the dog shares a warm relationship with its master and is usually considered a one man dog. The dog is ideal as an independent working dog, but may not be suited for a family.

The Abruzzenhund is usually recommended for those who are keeping sheepdogs for the first time. The dog reaches maturity very soon and can begin guarding the flock very early in its life. An Abruzzenhund pet may not be the ideal choice, but as a working dog, it shows a lot of love and dedication for its work.

The Abruzzenhund dog breed has an average life expectance of about 11 to 13 years. The breed requires a lot of space and loves physical activity. The Abruzzenhund dog is not your typical apartment dog and needs time to indulge in itself from time to time. As a pet, it is important to ensure that the dog gets a lot of training. Early education is important for this dog, as it will not obey orders if it does not see a point to it.

Additional Abruzzenhund facts and Abruzzenhund information is available with the various kennel clubs with which the dog is registered.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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