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Kerry blue terrier

Kerry Blue Terriers:

Kerry blue terriers are extremely lovable dogs.

In fact the Kerry blue terrier temperament can be described as lovable and gentle.  These dogs are also highly sociable and gentle. They are known to display a high degree of enthusiasm and intelligence. This tremendously energetic breed, loves spending time and playing with the family that it belongs to.

Hence, the Kerry blue terrier dog would suit those that have a lot of time on their hands, as if neglected these dogs tend to get destructive and easily bored. Sharing family activities, playing, running about are some of the things that these dogs love doing. Being both confident and lively Kerry Blue Terriers make great family pets.

However, they can prove to be rather manipulative and headstrong. This calls for an owner that is assertive and confident, who in other words, is aware of what he/she is doing, when it comes to training them.  

Owners of Kerry blue terriers have to ensure that their dogs are socialized right from the start; this will help in ensuring that they develop a well balanced personality. Kerry blue terriers being highly protective in nature make great watchdogs. This protective nature of theirs tends to make them highly wary when surrounded by unknown people or strangers. This breed gets along with children that are caring and gentle. Rough handling is something that is largely unappreciated by these dogs. Kerry blue terriers can be rather possessive when it comes to their foods and belongings. Although they are not large dogs with an intimidating built, they will never admit defeat easily, not standing down when challenged by any other dog.  Again, due to this characteristic, if you have other pets in the house, make sure that your dog is socialized from the start.

Kerry blue terrier puppies have a lustrous black coat, which gradually changes into a bluish gray color as they grow older. These dogs have a soft, wavy and abundant coat and one very distinctive characteristic of these dogs is their abundant facial hair, this is what sets them apart from the rest. Kerry blue terriers are medium sized dogs that have a robust and sturdy build. In terms of height, the female averages about 19 inches while the male will grow to be about 20 inches. The female of this breed generally weighs around 35 pounds, while the male may weigh anything between 36-40 pounds.
  Submitted on December 24, 2009  

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