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American Akita

American Akita

When any breed of dogs bearing the name Akita is mentioned it immediately brings to mind the Japanese breed of dogs that is extremely popular in the Far East.

The American Akita which traces its ancestry back to that breed is also quite a popular variation in the United States.

American Akita Breeders, Puppies, Temperament and Size

The American Akita like its Japanese counterpart is quite different from most other breeds of dogs.

It would be advisable to do as much research as possible into the temperament, personality and nature of the breed as well as its medical and health requirements before you decide to go ahead and buy American Akita puppies. These dogs were originally bred to work in twos or individually, but were never really pack animals, like most other breeds of dogs.

This can give rise to pretty problematic situations if you own any other dogs or pets. The American Akita has some strange traits, and although distinctly canine it displays a uniquely feline trait with the obsession for fastidious cleanliness.

Also widely known as simply the Akita, the American Akita is a dog breed that was originally bred from the Akita Iinu (also known as the Japanese Akita). The American Akita falls into the large dog category and is known to have rather heavy bones. Its distinct appearance includes a bearish looking head along with heavy coats and tight, well knuckled cat like feet. Increasingly adapting to serving the purpose of companionship, the American Akita is known to be a little reserved when dealing with strangers, but is a very friendly animal when dealing with people that it knows. The American Akita is a very territory oriented animal and, in the event that you venture with your American Akita onto another dogs territory, you might want to be a little careful about how things transpire. Given the fact that the American Akita is a rather large dog that can be very forceful in times of heightened emotions, it is not a breed for everyone. Moreover, its rather large frame will dictate that it is more at home in a large house with a yard for some amount of exercise. Apartment housing may seem a bit too cramped. There is a lot of other information on American Akita breeders as well as American Akita size that you can look up on through sources such as the Internet for further insight into the details of the breed.
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