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Corillon - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders and Physical Characteristics of Corillon Dog

The corillon is basically a designer or a hydrid breed that is the product of crossing a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Papillon.

Like any cross breed, it is not possible to state whether the corillon will display physical and temperamental traits of either the Papillon or the Corgi. If you’re interested in gathering any information on the corillon dog, it would be best to begin with the parent breeds.

The temperament, traits and other distinguishing features of the breeds will be a good indicator of what to expect.

Corillon Puppies and Breeders

The corillon dog is known to be very intelligent which makes it easy to train and teach it new tricks. Corillon puppies get along very well with children and other dogs as they are overly affectionate and playful.

Registered Corillon breeders will also be able to provide you with corillon puppies that are not aggressive or shy and are instead friendly, adventurous and happy. Being a cross between a herding dog such as the Corgi and the Papillon, the Corillon would require a moderate amount of exercise which could be taken care of in the form of a daily walk.

Those deciding if the corillon is the right breed for them to adopt , should keep in mind that in some corillon puppies wherein the corgi herding instinct is predominant, they may even try to dominate the owner if they arent trained well . Additionally, the corillon  also requires regular dog grooming in the form of routine brushing. Like the papillon, the corillon is known to have a distinct physical characteristic which are basically large ears that are well fringed that give them almost a butterfly like appearance. The corillon dog is also known to have a slightly rounded small head with a short muzzle that tends to taper towards the nose. Corillon dog information will also state that this dog breed tends to carry its tail high over the body like the papillon and the tail is generally covered with fine, long hair.

Corillon dogs are also known to have certain typical health problems with their kneecaps mostly in their hind legs, however this can be corrected with the help of surgery. Corillon puppies are ideal for those who live in the city , but at times they are also known to be problematic as apartment dogs as they are very protective and thus will bark extensively at any sound or movement thereby creating a nuisance for the owners as well as the neighbours. Most corrilon puppies are available in a combination of colors such as various shades of brown, black and white with very animated and expressive faces.

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