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Brazilian Terrier

Brazilian Terrier - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders, Facts and Personality of Brazilian Terrier Dog

The Brazilian terrier, also referred to as the Terrier Brasileiro or the Fox Paulistinha, is a breed of dogs that has been developed in Brazil.

While these dogs are very popular in their country of origin, they are almost unknown in the rest of the world. This breed has been in existence for at least 100 years, but was only registered in 1973.

Brazilian Terrier Facts

Brazilian terrier dogs are of medium size, standing at a height of around 15 inches and weighing between 15 and 20 pounds. They have a flat, wedge-shaped skull, along with folded ears.

The chest of a Brazilian terrier is compact and narrow, in balance with the rest of the body. Their tail may be kept natural or cropped, depending upon the owner’s preference. The coat of Brazilian terrier puppies and dogs is short and usually requires just a little grooming. Moreover, their coat is always tri-colored, mainly being white and tan with black.

Brazilian Terrier Personality

Almost all Brazilian terrier puppies and dogs can be described as being intelligent, alert, perky, loyal, devoted, spirited and perhaps a bit frisky too. They love playing and can spend most of their time doing so, especially with their owners. Families with children can think of keeping the Brazilian terrier as a pet, as long as the children have been taught the right way of dealing with this dog breed.

They also make good watchdogs, as they are fearless. However, they are quite obedient, especially with their owners at all times. Brazilian terriers require a lot of physical and mental activity in order to thrive happily. If they are not well-exercised and fruitfully occupied, they can become destructive and restless. Pet owners need to take these dogs for a long walk every day.

Dog training for Brazilian terrier puppies should start at an early age, to prevent them from becoming too willful and determined. Behavioral problems in these dogs need to be avoided and this can be done by giving them limits that are followed. Because of their strong hunting instincts, pet owners should not trust Brazilian terriers with other small animals. In fact these dogs should not be let off the leash, unless they are well trained.

Finding Brazilian terrier puppies for sale may be a bit of a challenge in the US. However, potential dog owners who are interested in taking on one as pet are advised to contact professional Brazilian terrier breeders directly. It is also advisable to check with a breeder or preferably a vet for any health problems that are prevalent in Brazilian terriers, before keeping one as a pet.


  Submitted on December 7, 2011  

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