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Mudi dog

About mudi dog temperament and training hungarian mudi puppies

Overview: This versatile farm dog is good at hunting, herding, flocking, and exterminating rodents.

These dogs are best suited to a country life and are popular with farmers for their varied talents and pleasant nature.
Pronounced as 'Moodie', the Mudi dog breed is a rare herding dog that is native of Hungary, and is closely-related to the Pumi and

Puli breed of dogs. You can find these dogs only in Hungary, Finland, U.S., Canada, and in some parts of Europe.
Appearance: The average Mudi dog is about 15-19 inches at the withers and weighs 18 to 29 pounds. Their coat is either wavy or curly, and they have short hair on the legs and face.

Mudi dogs are black merle, fawn, white, brown, ash, or black in colour.

Temperament: Mudi puppies and dogs are playful and friendly. An average Mudi does not display too many types of behavior while meeting someone for the first time.

While this dog might come across as aloof in the first few meetings, it can be affectionate, playful, and easy-going once it comes to know and trust you. These dogs get along well with animals and children if they are socialized with them from puppy hood. Mudis are tough dogs and make for great herding dogs. For over a hundred years, Mudis have worked to herd stubborn cattle, and have also been used to hunt wild boar. It is advisable to socialize these dogs as early as possible to prevent certain problems like fearfulness or shyness.

Training: Those who own Mudis, feel that it is easy to train these dogs and one needs to use positive reinforcements while training them. Harsh, dominating methods do not work well. It is very important to build a strong bond between the owner and the dog as historically Mudi dogs have worked with farmers and the trust factor is very important in such work.

Mudi as a housedog: While these are originally known as farm dogs, Mudis can very well be good housedogs. You need to make the dog a part of your family. These dogs are quiet around the house, but remember that this breed of dogs is not suitable for apartments as these dogs have a tendency to bark. These dogs are good with children.

The only drawback of this breed is that they bark a lot. You might try to train them to bark less.
Coat maintenance: You can easily care for and maintain the coat of your Mudi dog. Just brush the coat once a week.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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