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Gordon setter

Gordon Setter Dog Breed:

The Gordon Setter dog belongs to the family of Setters that include the English Setter and the Irish Setter.

The Gordon Setter was initially bred to hunt birds. They are bred and trained to hunt certain specific kinds of birds and help keep their prey on target. Gordon Setters are normally black and tan, they usually have a completely black coat with chestnut brown or tan patches on their muzzles, throat, lower legs and paws and a couple of spots on their chest and above the eyes. They may have a few white spots on their chest.

The Gordon Setter dog has a coat that is mostly straight or wavy, but never curly. The coat is silky as well as it is long and have feathery ears, legs, chest, stomach and tail. They are very heavy setters, with adult male dogs weighing up to eighty pounds. The Gordon Setter dog is affectionate, friendly and loyal.

They are known for their intelligence and confident bearing. They have fearless personalities and are immensely capable – therefore very receptive to training. While the Gordon Setter dog can usually survive and adjust well in a family environment, they may not be very suitable for a household that comprises young children. This is because Gordon setter puppies tend to be very boisterous and need to be trained and socialized very early. They need to be handed gently, however, an owner should learn to be firm while training puppies.

Gordon Setter puppies mature very slowly, slower than other breeds. They take up to three years to reach their prime and they will display characteristics of a puppy, even in their late adult life. Gordon Setter dogs will require at least an hour of exercise daily as they were originally hunting dogs that have a natural instinct to run and explore. Gordon Setter puppies however, should not get excessive exercise as this may lead to health problems later in life. Ensure that your Gordon Setter puppy is trained at an early stage. He/she should be initiated into a daily routine with regard to meal times, sleep cycles, exercise regiments and most importantly, where he/she goes to the bathroom. Routines go a long way while training a dog and the Gordon Setter’s personality is one that is receptive to rigorous training. After about two to three months, your Gordon Setter puppy should be housebroken. It is essential to train your puppy to go to a particular ‘spot’ to carry out his bathroom activities. Either through a doggy door or to an appointed place in the yard, the puppy should be housebroken early to avoid bad habits to set in.

  Submitted on November 25, 2009  

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