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Bagle Hound

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A cross-breed between the Beagle and Bassett Hound, the bagle hound is an easy to tame breed.

The bagle hound’s temperament is pretty mellow and agreeable. These animals are laid back and relaxed. A bagle hound loves to observe things around it, without being a nuisance in the neighborhood. However, in its own way the animal is pretty feisty and full of life.

An average bagle hound has patterns of various colors including brown, white, and black.

It might be brightly colored when it is a juvenile, but the colors will fade to an extent with age. A bagle hound weighs between 30 to 50 pounds and stands 13 to 15 inches tall.

As this dog breed is docile, it is easy to domesticate a bagle hound. It will do well in your household and is particularly good with kids. The bagle hound is a slow learner, so training the dog may be quite a challenge.

Bagle hound breeders should start training their pets at a tender age so that the animal gets well versed with things gradually. If the parents of the animal are slender and active, the resultant bagle hound puppies are more jovial. The bagle hound is a social creature and is very playful and cheerful.

As compared to other dogs of its size, the Bagle hound is not very active. It is not good at canine sports and you may not even be useful for guarding your house. It loves to sleep during the day and observe things that are happening around it. It has a peculiar attribute of barking at the moon. Why it does so is still not known.

It is not difficult to maintain a bagle hound. These animals have a short fur coat and periodic bathing is ideal to keep them clean. They are prone to epilepsy, but proper care can help prevent this condition. Another common problem with the breeds is ear problems. As a bagle hound has long drooping ears, it is prone to the accumulation of moisture and sebum in the ear canal, causing severe pain. Ear pain can make your pet fussy and irritable. Over the counter medicines can be used to provide relief in such cases. You must clean the ears of a bagle hound regularly.

If you are an animal breeder and have bagle hound puppies for sale, you can put up advertisements on the Internet or newspapers or contact local buyers. For more bagle hound information you may contact your nearest veterinary center or kennel club or even the bagle hound rescue foundation.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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