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Alpine Dachsbracke

Alpine Dachsbracke

Just like human beings, dogs are animals whose characters and habits will differ from one specimen to the next.

Dogs are generally very intelligent animals that can be easily trained to not only perform a number of skilful tasks, their overall behaviour can also be tuned to  be more socially acceptable. Most of the breeds in existence today have been the product of selective breeding by dog breeders to encourage certain traits and possibly to eliminate some.

This is why every breed has its own distinctive features and temperament and the Alpine Dachsbracke is no exception. Alpine dachsbrake dogs are extremely intelligent and lovable pets.

You need to however think out your decision before making a hasty choice, as a dog is a serious responsibility and the decision to own one should not be taken lightly. Alpine Dachsbrackes require owners who are energetic and fit, who will spend time with them and indulge in games and walks.

Alpine Dachsbracke Dog Breeders, Puppies and Information

The Alpine Dachsbracke is a dog breed that falls into the small size category and was originally bred to aid in hunts and track wild boar and deer. The Alpine Dachsbracke’s natural instincts are known to be very good and the animal is known to be able to track its target even after the trail appears to have gone cold. The dog does in fact belong to the family of scent hounds. Very similar to the daschund in terms of appearances, the Alpine Dachsbracke has short legs and a rather long body. The normal height for this animal will see it grow to about 38 centimetres off the ground. The Alpine Dachsbracke puppies are not known to suffer from any genetic related medical conditions, which mean that the medical bills when housing this animal are not likely to be significant. Moreover, because of the rather small size of the Alpine Dachsbracke dogs, although primarily used as hunting dogs and kept outdoors, are easily adaptable to small spaces and can easily fit themselves into an apartment. However, due to the fact that they are energetic and performance animals, they will need to go for regular walks in order to exercise their limbs. You can find a lot of other Alpine Dachsbracke dog information as well as lists of the various Alpine Dachsbracke breeders in your area through sources such as the internet to help you get and care for one of these adorable animals.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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