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Karst Shepherd

Karst Shepherd Dog Breed, Puppies, Information, Life Expectancy and Grooming

The Karst Shepherd breed consists of medium-sized, iron-grey sheepdogs.

This breed is known to be the oldest indigenous Slovenian breed. These dogs have a thick long coat of about 10 cm. They have almond shaped, dark brown eyes and a round skull. The karst shepherd dog’s body is a bit longer than it is tall, and it has a straight solid back. The chest is of medium width and the tail extends down to the hocks.

Their grey color may have variations of dark grey and a silver grey. Some darker colored animals may exhibit stripes on their legs. Here is some additional karst shepherd information.

The Karst Shepherd breed once belonged to the nomadic snow tribes. This is what gives them their dense, shaggy coat.

This is an ancient breed that has survived through the ages. It is a rather rare breed and Karst Shepherd dogs make unique pets. The success of this dog breed lies in the fact they have been exposed to various changes throughout the years, but has still adapted and survived. The karst shepherd has a stable temperament. However the breed is a dominant one and owners should be well aware of this fact when adopting karst shepherd dogs. It is essential to have proper communication with the dog. Training should be aimed at establishing the owner as the leader of the pack. Training of karst shepherd puppies should begin early and must be carried out in the proper way. The Karst Shepherd dog does not behave well around strangers. In order for them to be kept as house dogs, they must be trained to mingle with others. They may be kept at herd dogs or guard dogs. They fit quite well into either role and hence are a popular choice for a pet. They display keen organizational skills which makes them very good at herding. Due to their calm disposition, they also make good house dogs.

The karst shepherd breed is not suited for apartment life. They require lots of space and need to exercise regularly.  It can adapt well to outdoor conditions due to the thickness of the coat. Karst Shepherds must be walked daily. They also enjoy jogging for long distances. This breed is a healthy one and does not fall prey to any known chronic disease. The life expectancy of Karst Shepherds is around 12 years. Dog grooming involves regular brushing to keep the coat in good condition. Bathing should occur only when required.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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