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American Bullnese

American Bullnese - Information on Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders, Temperament and Rescue

The American bullnese is a hybrid dog formed by mating a bulldog and a bernese mountain dog.

It should ideally appear extremely muscular and is also a very active dog. The first appearance should imply boldness as well as courage. The dog has heavy bone structure and there is a well-defined groove between the dog’s eyes. Even the muscles of the cheeks are very well developed.

The ears should ideally hang over the head.

Erect ears are considered a fault in the American bullnese. The eyes, like the bulldog, are round and very firm. The tail is only slightly curled and short.

American Bullnese Puppies, Nature and Temperament

The chest of the dog should be broad and deep, and the hind legs should be strong and firm. These dogs come in a lot of different colors, and any color is acceptable in these breeds.

The coat should be very close to the skin and short. Long coat is also considered a fault in the American bullnese.

If you look hard enough, you may be able to find American bullnese puppies for sale. These dogs are hybrid and are usually bred only on request. The American Kennel Club has been trying to repopulate these dogs.

American bullnese puppies are very beautiful, with a soft coat and slightly loose skin. The dog has a very endearing hopping jaunt. They also have an extremely adorable temperament. Since they are small dogs, they are prone to developing small dog syndrome. It is best to train the dog well when it is still a puppy, as that will help make the dog easier to be with.

American Bullnese Hybrid, Breeders and Rescue

The American bullnese hybrid was especially created to blend in favorable traits from both the parents. It is this reason that they have a clownish and funny temperament. This is an outstanding dog that can be a great family pet. When it comes to American bullnese rescue from diseases and so on the American bullnese breeders take special care of the dog. There is also careful attention paid in selecting healthy parents so that the offspring does not have any serious disease.

The dog, though active, does not need a large home or a yard. It can be exercised indoors to maintain its health and level of activity. This dog can therefore be kept in small homes and apartments. These dogs are strong and enjoy a lot of games. If given regular exercise, they would remain in good health, but they can also do without everyday exercise. This dog breed does require daily walks though.
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