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Beaglier - Comprehensive Information on the Dog Breed, Breeders, Puppies, Size and Nature of Beaglier Dogs

The beaglier breed is a cross breed of dogs that comes from mixing the beagle breed with the cavalier King Charles spaniel.

Like all cross bred dogs, the beaglier is a dog that varies from specimen to specimen. The reasons for this variation include genetic variations that occur during conception and also the type of dogs that are bred with each other.

The word beaglier applies to any dog that has Beagle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel genetics in it. What ratio this follows depends on the beaglier breeders and which dogs they have chosen to produce the beaglier puppies.

Beaglier Dog, Puppies, Size and Nature

The beaglier dog breed tends to be small in size but it does not classify as an extremely small dog.

The small size of the beaglier makes it a popular pet for people to keep both in an urban or suburban environment. The small beaglier dog tends to be extremely playful and friendly making it one of the perfect companions for young children in the house. Beaglier dogs enjoy the attention of their owners and are not good at being left alone for long periods of time. This is something that works as a negative factor when one considers the fact that urban dogs need to be left alone during the day time.

The beaglier dog is too small to act as a guard dog. However, the dog has a deep and powerful bark which makes it ideal to function as a watch dog. This is something that can help when warding off unwanted intruders and is of particular use for people living in suburban detached accommodations. This is the situation in which the beaglier thrives as there is plenty of room for the dog to play including in the back or front yard. Beaglier puppies need to be trained from a young age to ensure that they follow the rules and do not behave in any unwanted manner. Early dog training is important because, like many small dogs, beaglier dogs can be mischievous. Often, lax enforcement of rules by the owner will lead to bad habits becoming engrained in the dog. It is very difficult to train an older beaglier as the dogs tend to be quite stubborn. That said the beaglier will listen to its owner if the owner asserts his or her authority.


  Submitted on November 3, 2011  

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