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Llewellin Setter

Llewellin Setter Dogs, Breeders, Puppies, Info, Nature and History

The Llewellin Setter can be described as an old fashioned hunting dog, used by several people in the earlier days.

Being fairly medium in size, these dogs were mainly bred to hunt game birds. They were also used for field trial purposes. According to llewellin setter history, these dogs come from a specific and pure strain of English Setters, with their bloodlines going back to the beginning of the nineteenth century.

However, in the recent times, the Llewellin Setter has become very popular even in the United States of America, especially amongst those people who are looking for a dog that can provide them with companionship.

An adult Llewellin Setter generally reaches the height of around 21 to 25 inches, i.e., 56 to 60 cm and their length is normally between 33 and 37 inches, which is 86 and 70 cm. they also have a find and silky coat, which is of medium length.

As llewellin setter puppies mature into adulthood, an additional length and curl is seen on certain parts of the body, like the neck shoulder, legs and tail. The pattern on their coat could include either large spots, or a ticking, which could be in a combination of black, white, chestnut and orange color. The coat of this dog breed is quite clean, but these dogs shed all year long.

Llewellin setter dogs are known to be very affectionate and they love to play, due to their non aggressive nature. They interact very well with human beings and can get along well with adults, as well as children. In fact the Llewellin setter is fairly friendly with other animals too, including cats. However, because these dogs are very energetic, they require some amount exercise on a daily basis. Moreover, training Llewellin setter puppies is quite easy, since they are very intelligent. Therefore, it is important for all pet owners to ensure that the training of Llewellin setter pups begins at an early age.

There is a lot of llewellin setter info that is easily available through various resources, such as books, websites, TV shows and pet articles. However, all potential pet owners are strongly advised to set up an appointment with a vet, to get additional information on the health problems that may be experienced by dogs in this breed. Alternately, a person could also speak to llewellin setter breeders for getting detailed information on how to raise and train llewellin setter pups.

  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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