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Swedish lapphund

Swedish Lapphund Breed of Dog:

Considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds originating from Sweden, the Sedish lapphund dogs are Spitz type dogs that are very commonly used by the Sami people of the region to herd and guard their reindeer.

The origins seem to stem from the ancient tribes of northern Scandinavia and studies have led experts to believe that the lapphund followed the first Sami travelers to Scandinavia around 9000 BC. While the dog was primarily used as a guard dog or herder, it was less commonly used as a pet as well.

Due to the kind of hard work that is required in the barren landscape of northern Scandinavia, the breed has developed a certain resiliency and a weatherproof coat that does not require any significant amount of grooming.

The swedish lapphund dog’s intelligence, agility, endurance and independence make it a very good all round animal that can be used for work on the farm or even hunting and herding.

These character traits have also helped the dog easily train to be very effective when it comes to search and rescue missions as well as serving in the army. The swedish lapphund dog has a lovely, lush coat that is most commonly a solid black or bear brown color. High on energy, these animals will gel very well with children as well as other pets and household canines. If the child and Swedish lapphund puppies are raised together, they will get on exceptionally. It is essential that Swedish lapphund puppies are allowed significant socialization in order to develop the friendly instincts of the dog or it may tend to become a little aloof or suspicious of strangers later on.  Much like any spitz type of dog, the Swedish lapphund dog is very intelligent and will conduct itself with a certain amount of charm and elegance. Swedish lapphund is rather straightforward given the animals immense adaptability. However, they require a strong minded trainer to prevent them from developing any pack leader mentality where they consider themselves to be the leader as this could promote a number of negative character flaws including disobedience and destructiveness. However, any agitation or anger shown towards the dog is not likely to help as much as motivation and encouragement. The animal loves to be consistently motivated and challenged on a physical as well as mental front – therefore not suited to a lethargic or lazy owner.

  Submitted on January 27, 2010  

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