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Barbet Dog Breed, Breeders, Puppies, Puppies For Sale and Average Life Span

The Barbet dog is a French breed of dog which is medium sized and quite a rare breed.

Most Barbets are either black and white, completely black or brown and usually the brown and black ones may have white legs or paws or a white chest. Male dogs usually weigh around 40-60 pounds and are 21-25 inches tall while female dogs weigh approximately 30-50 pounds and are 20-23 inches tall. The Barbet dog breed is a water dog which has a curly long wooly coat. Regular grooming is a must for these dogs especially since their coat is long and can get matted causing shedding.

These dogs have a powerful body with a round broad skull. They have round eyes usually dark brown in color and long flat ears which droop down the sides of their face. Their neck is short but strong and they also have strong legs which support the back. Barbet dogs have webbed feet and are excellent swimmers.

Barbets make good companions and are generally obedient and intelligent. They are also a very playful and joyful breed of dogs. Although life long obedience training is required for Barbets, they are quick learners. They make good family pets and are great with children and elderly people. Barbets however need a large living space and may not be ideal for apartments.

Since these are rare dogs, breeders are very particular about putting up good quality Barbet puppies for sale and where the puppies go after they are sold. On the other hand even though Barbets are found in lesser numbers, not all of them are right for breeding. Many have to be neutered or spayed because of this reason. Barbet puppies are extremely cute to look at and grow very quickly. However like other breeds they are also vulnerable to particular genetic defects. Therefore during breeding Barbet breeders are very careful about choosing the right dogs so that such genetics defects can be minimized. Some of the other health conditions that affect Barbets include ear infections, hip dysplasia, epilepsy and hernias. Ear problems in particular are very common and must be treated promptly. The average life span for this breed is 13-15 years. The number of Barbet rescues is also very low again because of the breed being quite rare. However there are still a few rescue centers where one might be able to find a Barbet puppy to take home.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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