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Mcnab Dog

Mcnab Dog, Breeders, Rescue, Puppies, Appearance and Herding

The McNab dog is also often referred to as the McNab shepherd, the McNab sheepdog, or the McNab Bordercollie.

As the name suggests, the McNab dog is used mainly for herding and is basically a work dog. It is believed that the McNab has descended from the Fox or Scotch collie, which is also the descendant of the famous Border collie.

There is no typical appearance of the McNab dogs. This dog breed closely resembles the short-haired variety of the Border collie. It is believed that this is due to the common ancestry.

More often, the McNab dogs are predominantly black or red in color. They may have some distinct markings on their body as well. Most of them have a white-colored muzzle, and the area between their eyes is also white in color. They also have a white colored neck and a tail, which is white-tipped. They have a short and smooth coat, but their tails can be very furry.

The feet are atypical, and almost cat-like in their appearance. This usually enhances their agility and makes them adept sheepdogs.

The McNab herding dogs are very useful on the farm because of their instinctual herding skills. They are very popular for herding cattle, especially in the highlands or hilly areas. They can also herd other animals, some which are many times larger than their own size. McNab herding dogs are known to be able to herd horse, llamas, and sheep as well.

The McNab dog breeders breed them very selectively, so that the resulting dogs have a generous and easy temperament. These dogs are usually very friendly with other domestic animals. If you have cats, chicken, and other animals at home, the McNab would usually be very gentle with them. These dogs are very hard working, gentle, and well-mannered. They also keep good hygiene and therefore, can be kept indoors as well. If you prefer hunting activities, the McNab can help in hunting deer and boar. In fact, they are known to be fearless in hunting grounds. Due to their relative fearlessness, McNab dog rescue operations are quite common.

McNab puppies are curious and intelligent. They respond well to training and are eager to explore new places and learn new things. They enjoy new environments and love socializing with both humans and animals. As pets, they are protective of their families and are very obedient as well as friendly.

  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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