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English foxhound

English Foxhound Dog Breed:

The English foxhound dog is renowned for its history as a successful hunting animal.

Bred through a combination of greyhound for their speed, bulldogs for their tenacity in a hunt and the fox terrier for their hunting instincts, the animals was groomed in the 1500’s to be the ultimate hunting and tracking canine. With the depletion of deer in the times of King Henry the VIII because of excessive hunting, the royals and hunt enthusiasts then turned to foxes as an alternative giving rise to the name foxhound. The dogs were rigorously trained to trail foxes and live around horses and are still accustomed to these living conditions.

The English foxhound dog has a rather elegant appearance and is very athletic as well as clean cut. Its more noticeable features include a long muzzle and wide skull along with a long neck and soft, penetrating eyes. The legs will stand absolutely straight and their coats may be a combination of black, white and tan.

They will usually hold their tails up when excited.

English foxhound training
requires a significant amount of patience although they are very obedient dogs. Their history sees them bond easily with other dogs and horses, but are also equally adept at being careful around children. The dogs require a significant amount of exercise and are best brought up in wide open spaces. The small confines of an apartment could possibly lead to them becoming overly destructive and moody. They require a good five or six hours of exercise over the course of the day which is almost impossible to provide when living in an apartment. Given their excessive exercise, they do not really require human presence when out running and can be trusted in taking car of themselves when out on their own. Due to its high level of physical exertion during its youth, it is generally ready to cut down on the amount of work after about 7 years while living up to an average age of about 10 years. These dogs are not known to suffer from any particular medical ailments and are known to be very healthy animals. English foxhound puppies are usually in litters of between 8 and 10.

The best diet for English foxhound breed is one that is prepared fresh at home instead of the commercially available packaged foods. Avoid feeding the animal any human treats or snacks as they could promote a number of digestive problems within the animal.

  Submitted on December 29, 2009  

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