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Canis Panther

Canis Panther - Information on Dog Breed, Breeders, Puppies, History, Characteristics, Temperament and Price

The canis panther dogs are excellent family pets.

They are well-known for their unmatched protective attitude towards their owners. Canis panther is a mixed breed that was developed in the early seventies by personal trainers. If you look at the canis panther history, you will find that it was bred by crossing a black Labrador, a black Great Dane, a Staffordshire terrier and a Doberman pinscher.

As a result, canis panther dogs are muscular and extremely powerful.

Canis Panther Puppies, Characteristics and Temperament

Canis panthers have a short coat, and the coat color may vary such as fawn, grayish, chocolate, light brown and black. They have a solid color, which means that the color of the whole body is consistent and there are no other patches.

An adult male canis panther dog’s height is 65 to 75 cm and that of a female dog is 60 to 66 cm. The weight of a male dog can be 54 to 65 kg and that of a female canis panther may vary from 36 to 48 kg. They have strong muscular bodies with deep and broad chests. Their jaws are wide and powerful. Their tails are docked and their ears are usually cropped.

Canis panther dogs are very energetic, agile, and highly intelligent. They can be easily trained because of their high level intelligence. They are very obedient and loyal to their owners. They are always very keen to follow the orders of their masters. You need to make your canis panther socialize with children and other people from the very beginning. Canis panther puppies are very playful and enjoy the company of kids. They are also defensive and protective, and they are sometimes referred to as “The Ultimate Protector.” They are always suspicious about the strangers because of their natural protective instinct. Your canis panther dog can do anything to protect you against any kind of harm and danger, including sacrificing its life. It is this wonderful characteristic of canis panther that makes it so popular as a family pet and the most loyal bodyguard. This dog breed is recognized by the Personal Protection Dog Association (PPDA)

Canis Panther Breeders, Puppies For Sale and Price

If you want to own a canis panther, you can search for canis panther breeders on the Internet or in local newspapers. You will come across a number of relevant ads titled as “canis panther puppies for sale.” However, keep in mind that these are expensive dogs; a canis panther price may be around 1000 dollars.
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