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Airdale terrier

Airdale Terrier Dog and Puppies:

The Airdale Terrier dog is the toughest as well as the largest of the terriers.

It has a wiry and dense coat, and a softer undercoat. Airdale Terrier puppies and dogs can be brown, grizzle, tan, black or a combination of these colors. These were the first few breeds of dogs to be used in police duty. These terriers have been popular with presidents as well.

Physical Characteristics: They have long legs and strong bones.

These dogs are agile and powerful. They are good hunting dogs too.

Airdale Terrier Temperament:

They are lively, protective, and playful, and great companions. They are intelligent as well as adventurous.

Though, at times they do have a tendency to be stubborn and headstrong. While the terriers can be dominating, they are obedient with their owners. Remember that this dog needs regular exercise, both mental and physical. If you let it expend its energy, then it will remain well-behaved. This dog does not like to be challenged by other dogs, and loves to be the leader.

Airdale Terrier Health Care Information:

An important aspect of care would be to make sure the dog gets ample exercise. Take them for long walks, jogs, or hunts. Play games with them and romp around as these dogs have boundless energy and need to expend it regularly to ensure they don’t misbehave indoors. You need to comb and brush the coat about thrice a week and trim it occasionally. You need to glue the ears of the terrier puppies – this helps the ears to shape up properly. You can leave your dog out in the garden, if you want since they are comfortable in cool climates. But make sure that the dogs sleep indoors. They live for an average of 10 to 13 years. They can suffer from colonic diseases. They are prone to hypothyroidism, gastric torsion, and canine hip dysplasia (CHD). You need to take them to a vet for a physical checkup if you feel that they have some diseases.

Airdale Terrier History: Known as the King of Terriers, these are tall dogs that are believed to have originated from the English Terrier or the Tan and Black Terrier. The medium terrier might have been bred by the Yorkshire hunters to help them hunt. That’s the reason these dogs are good hunting companions, and can pick up birds and animals while hunting with people.

During the 19th century, terriers were bred with Otterhounds to improve their hunting skills. There have been other attempts to cross-breed these dogs.

  Submitted on February 11, 2010  

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