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The Cavapoo is not a pure bed dog.

It is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a poodle. This breed may vary in appearance because its parentage is mixed. However, one should note that there are some characteristics that are common to both sources of parentage.

Cavapoo Puppies, Size and Temperament

The main characteristic that one notices in this breed of Cavapoo dogs is their coats. Both the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the poodle have luxurious coats, because of which Cavapoo puppies are also born with beautiful coats. The coats of Cavapoo puppies may be feathered like the Cavalier or may be curly like the Poodle, but the fur coat is always luxurious.

Cavapoo dogs normally have dark features on their faces. The ears of the Cavapoo dogs are normally set high above their eyes and hang all the way down past their chins. They have elongated necks and their necks will transition all the way to a remarkably straight back. They have long tails and the tail usually hangs down well past their hocks. The Cavapoo dog breed can vary in temperament because of its mixed parentage. Usually, the Cavapoo dog is sociable and easy going as both the parents tend to be good natured and amiable. For this reason, the dog is a preferred choice for children.

The Cavapoo dog also exhibits a great deal of patience and can be very protective of their family members.  The Cavapoo dog may occasionally exhibit signs of needing special care and attention and this trait is one that is probably acquired from the Poodle. The Cavapoo size is usually between 11 inches and 15 inches in height and they can weight anywhere up to around 20 pounds.

Breeders and Rescue

An unfortunate fact of hybrids is that their inheritance is not limited to the desirable traits of the parenting breeds, but they also inherit their vulnerability to certain health conditions. Since Poodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are more prone to cataracts, the Cavapoo is also more likely to suffer from this ailment. Some other common problems include PRA or Progressive retinal atrophy, ear problems and epilepsy. Some other Cavapoo information includes the fact that these dogs are most suited to living indoors, especially if the pup has inherited more characteristics of its Poodle parentage, otherwise they are able to adapt to both indoor and outdoor life. Information regarding Cavapoo breeders and Cavapoo rescue is available on the internet.
  Submitted on October 7, 2011  

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