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Hanoverian Hound

Hanoverian Hound - Information on the Appearance and Characteristics of Hanoverian Hound Dog

The Hanoverian Hound also known as the Hanover Hound, has descended from the breed of medieval Bloodhounds.

This breed was first seen in France during the 1980’s and is still a rare breed to find. The gamekeepers around the city of Hanover and the central plains of Germany were responsible for developing this dog breed. They crossed heavy scent hounds with the lighter hounds to create the Hanoverian Hound. These dogs have a very powerful nose and are excellent trackers.

They make great hunting dogs and can sniff trails for almost anything.

Appearance of Hanoverian Hound Dog

The Hanoverian Hound has a well proportioned muscular body and is a type of a scent hound. They have a medium sized yet strong body structure. They are known for their big heads and their trademark is a wrinkled forehead which gives them a constant serious expression. They have a broad black nose, a tapering muzzle and a very strong jaw.

They ears are rounder and blunt and drop down to their face. Their forelegs are straight but can be slightly bent and their hind legs are long and slanting with muscular thighs.They weigh roughly between 80-99 pounds and the males are between 19-22 inches tall while the bitches are slightly shorter and are 18-21 inches tall.

Hanoverian Hounds can rarely be kept as only family pets. They are mostly used by forest officers and game wardens to trace injured animals. These dogs have very strong tracking abilities and can find wounded animals easily. They make good companions and are very sensitive to their owners. These dogs are very loyal and will show their affection only to their owners. They may remain aloof with strangers or may even turn aggressive. This breed of hounds is quite obedient but they need firm and regular training from an early age itself. They also adapt well to kids and other pets provided they have been socialized since the time they were puppies. Like most hunting dogs, the Hanoverian hound is also not made for apartments and small places. They require a big open space and lots of regular exercise. This dog will be the perfect choice for an adventurous family. This breed of dogs is self sufficient and do not require much dog grooming. Brushing the coat or even rubbing it with a wet cloth will maintain its quality, keeping it shiny and clean. There are also no health problems which are specifically associated with this breed of dogs.  

  Submitted on February 7, 2012  

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