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Alusky - Information on the Dog Breed, Breeders, Puppies, Physical Appearance and Temperament of Alusky Dog

The Alusky dog breed is basically a hybrid dog that is born out of breeding the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute.

As per the Alusky information pertaining to the physical appearance of the dog, this breed is known to be a large or even a medium sized dog that can weigh almost up to 90 lbs. Those who intend on adopting Alusky puppies should bear in mind that this breed of dogs is known to have very high energy levels and be very active.

On account of their high energy levels alusky breeders and dog owners are required to ensure that this breed of dogs gets a large amount of exercise on a daily basis so as to burn off this excess energy.

Alusky Puppies, Physical Appearance and Temperament

Typically, alusky dog breed should be engaged in high energy activities such as running, hiking and brisk walking and any such outdoor activities. In case the alusky dog breed is not provided with such opportunities to exercise then the alusky temperament can become very neurotic and generally badly behaved.

Those who intend on having an alusky dog should bear in mind that this hybrid breed of dogs should ideally be trained as early as possible on account of their wild and stubborn attitude. Alusky should also not be left unattended as they have a very strong urge to escape or go exploring on their own. However in case of alusky breeders and owners that have ample time on their hands, the alusky breed of dogs is known to be a very loving companion that is also outgoing and affectionate. On account of their typical warm and loving alusky temperament, this breed of dogs is known to be very good with children.

In terms of their physical appearance alusky puppies as well as adults are known to be very athletic and have a dense and thick double coat which they inherit from the Siberian husky and the Alaskan malamute mix. The alusky breed of dogs is also known to be streamlined and long legged as well as have plenty of endurance and stamina. Typically the weight of a female alusky is known to range anywhere between 40 to 80 pounds whereas a male alusky will weigh up to 90 pounds. On account of the mixed parentage the color of the alusky coats will also vary from pure black or pure white to all kinds of patterns and colors in between these shades. The eyes of the alusky puppies will usually be blue or brown.


  Submitted on November 4, 2011  

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