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Norwich terrier

Norwich terrier dog, grooming, training norwich terrier puppies

The Norwich terrier dog is one of the smallest of working terriers, which were bred in the UK in the second half of the 19th Century for hunting rodents and vermin.

In spite of its size, it's quite hardy, energetic, lively, intelligent, and also very affectionate. They are particularly fond of children and even those who like children. They have upright ears and a somewhat foxy expression with expressive eyes. Their legs are very strongly boned and they are quite earnest workers.

A Norwich terrier dog is quite adaptable and can adjust easily to different situations, which makes it a preferred pet whether in cities or the countryside. Because of their high energy levels, these dogs do well with an active family. If they are left alone for a long time, they get bored and start barking or digging.

The grooming regime for the Norwich terrier includes daily brushing and combing.

The owner must comb the dog with a steel comb once a week to remove dead hair and prevent matting. These dogs have a wiry, shaggy and weatherproof outer coat and a soft and warm under coat. They are light shedders and need to be bathed with shampoo only when necessary. One also needs to strip its fur with a stripping knife, once in the fall and in the spring. This makes the coat retain the right look and is also beneficial for the dog's skin. It's always better if the owner learns to hand strip from a professional groomer as this grooming regime establishes a special bond between the dog and the owner. Please note that cutting or clipping the dog's coat will give it an uneven texture and also harm the color. An Old dogs' coat must not be stripped but clipped or cut as their skin may be sensitive to stripping. Norwich terriers are usually healthy, though they have secondary magnitude health problems like hereditary cataract, instances of epilepsy, luxating patellas, and hip dysplasia to name a few. So they do need annual health check ups.

Norwich terrier training is quite simple as these dogs are easily trainable. But Norwich terrier puppies can be particularly stubborn some times. So, one would need to set rules that the dog would need to follow right from puppyhood. The handler needs to be patient and consistent with the dog because of its stubborn streak. They are quite comfortable around strangers and do not get nervous. If someone needs a partner for a long jog, this is the breed to take along.

  Submitted on October 29, 2009  

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