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Jack russell terrier

Jack Russell Terrier:

Origin and History: The Jack Russell terrier is the result of Reverend John Russell’s passion for fox hunting and breeding of fox chasing dogs.

The breed was developed by him sometime around the mid 1800s. The Jack Russell breed of dogs has been preserved by working terrier enthusiasts in England for more than a century now. This has been one of the strong reasons as to why the Jack Russell terrier has survived the changes that have taken place in the fox terrier category.

Appearance: The Jack Russell terrier breed of dogs can have both a smooth and a rough or coarse coat.

The smooth coat sheds the most. This breed can easily adapt to almost all climates, but might require a blanket to sit and sleep on in extreme winters. Jack Russell terriers have a proportionate body in terms of length and their height is somewhere between 10 to 15 inches.

The dog typically weighs around 15 to 18 pounds. The color of the coat is mostly white with black or tan markings. Jack Russell terriers have a short but an upright tail about 4 inches long and it is docked just after their birth.

Temperament: The Jack Russell terrier is an intelligent, bold, energetic and extremely loyal breed of dog. It is known well for its working abilities and huge amount of companionship. The hunting streak is another aspect of the Jack Russell terrier personality. The Jack Russell terrier is also very territorial and puts in lots of effort in being protective about its domain. This dog seeks to gain attention and can be quite destructive when bored. The Jack Russell terrier craves for its owner’s love and makes sure to give it back to them as well. This breed is full of energy and requires lots of exercise. The Jack Russell terrier is a fearless dog and can be very aggressive at times. It is not at all scared of bigger dogs and is found to pick up fights easily with other dogs.

Grooming: As a pet owner you are required to brush your Jack Russell terrier every other day. They are quite comfortable with the grooming and being brushed and may in fact derive great pleasure from the activity. It is recommended that you bathe your Jack Russell terrier whenever you find a yellow cast on their coats. Giving them a bath doesn’t require any special grooming and can be done at home. The nails should be trimmed at least twice a month as it prevents undergrowth and other foot problems. The Jack Russell terrier is an extremely intelligent breed which makes it easy for you to train it.

  Submitted on January 5, 2010  

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