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As the popular saying goes, a dog is man's best friend and the saying holds true till date.

Dogs are the most common household pets, and have been so for thousands of years. They are domesticated animals and descended from the lineage of the Gray Wolf. While wolves are ferocious hunters, most breeds of dogs can be tamed to a large extent.

Dog Facts

Dogs are members of the Canidae family and are carnivorous.

Since dogs can be found all over the world, they quickly became important to the human species and took their place right next to them. Dogs were used to pull sleds and were responsible for a lot of safe migrations. Today, dogs have becomes a part of human families and are loved just as much as any other family member.

Though it's common for families to adopt dogs into their lives, some of the more commonly know facts about dogs are just myths. It is a popular belief that dogs are colorblind, however, it is not so. In fact they have a much better vision in low light than humans.


Historically dogs have been used in every manner. The ancient paintings in caves show dogs to be an integral part of human settlements. As man became more civilized, the role of dogs changed too. The Romans, in fact, raised an army of mastiffs. These mastiffs were made to wear light armor and followed the mounted knights into the battlefield. In the Second World War too dogs were trained for running several missions by the Russians.

Average dog life span is about 12-14 years and one dog year is equal to seven human years. A recent research has shown that a dog that is brought up in the city lives 2-3 years longer than one brought up in the country.

Dogs are very intelligent animals and can be trained to do various tasks. While almost every other household dog is trained in fetching and heeling, today dogs are also being trained to be useful companions to differently abled people, especially those who are blind. Lately, dogs have been used for the therapy of death row inmates in many countries.

Breeds of Dogs

There are hundreds of dog breeds and depending on their function and the role in their human family's life, they are classified into house dogs, shepherd dogs, sporting dogs, hunting dogs, and sniffing dogs. There are many more types of dogs; however, these are the major classifications.




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