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Teacup Kittens

Teacup Kittens - Information on the Breed, Size, Nature and Appearance of Teacup Kitten

Cats are often kept as pets by humans because of their nimble and quiet nature.

Cats are also quite affectionate, though not as affectionate as dogs. Cats are extremely clean and are very easy to groom and take care of. In general, cats are also very small which makes them ideally suited to urban environments.

Size, Nature and Appearance of Teacup Kittens

As with any type of animals, there are many different breeds of cats as well.

One such breed is the teacup kittens breed. As the name suggests, teacup kittens are extremely small. In fact, the name originates from the fact that a teacup kitten can fit its entire body into a normal sized cup.

This image is often found to be very cute and attractive by people which is why they wish to choose teacup kittens as pets. Unlike most types of cats which have their own specific breeds, there are several teacup kittens breeds. The reason for this is that the name teacup kitten applies to the size of the kitten and not to its breed. All tiny kittens may be called teacup kittens.

Teacup kittens are extremely delicate animals that must be handled with the utmost care. These cats are usually cross breeds that, during the process of genetic mixing and matching end up being small. The most popular teacup kittens breeds are the Himalayan breed and the Napoleon breed. Teacup kittens are very well suited to living in an urban setting because they are able to slip into the smallest of spaces. It is important to note that teacup kittens are usually useless when it comes to dealing with rodents. It is only when the teacup kittens fully develop that they become capable of handling duties that include rodent extermination.

Because of their extremely diminutive size, teacup kittens are to be handled carefully. These cats cannot be played with in the same way that one might manhandle a larger breed. Larger cat breeds actually enjoy some amount of physical playing with their owners or with other pets. Teacup kittens on the other hand will struggle to provide any match to other pets and could easily get injured if they are attacked.  

Most people who keep teacup kittens as pets usually do so for the dainty and fragile appearance of the pet. Such people need to provide plenty of attention to their kittens. Apart from the physical aspects of being gentle, the care of teacup kittens is essentially similar to that of other kittens.


  Submitted on November 16, 2011