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Funny Kittens

Funny Kittens - Comprehensive Information on Names, Health Care and Training of Funny Kittens and Puppies

Kittens and cats are one of the most preferred pets.

Funny kittens and cats are known for their peculiar antics. They are naughty and playful and also very curious. Funny kittens are so entertaining that some of them can be real stress busters.

They can be great companions and because of their small size it’s always easy to carry them around. Kittens and cats are however less active than dogs and also they make their masters work for their affection. Unlike dogs, cats have a tendency to sneak out of the house if given an opportunity.

Many owners leave their cats to their own free will and allow them to leave the house whenever they wish to.

Most of the cats not only come back home for dinner but also get their dinner in the form of a prey.

Funny Kittens Names

Some funny kittens may actually enjoy lolling about on their backs to get their tummy tickled as they grab at your hands, but cats are generally uncomfortable and insecure when on their backs or with getting their belly tickled. Before introducing kittens in the family one must make sure that there are no family members suffering from any allergies and no small kids in the house. As kittens have a tendency to scratch they may scratch the kids in the house. Kittens have a very distinct personality. Although cats may be extremely independent and may not be dependent on their owners for playing and frolicking, kittens are extremely playful and do enjoy human company and interaction. They would like to interact and spend time with their owners. Depending upon the origin, gender and cat breeds there are numerous kitten names available. Some funny kitten names include Toots, Elfin, Spooky, Buzby, Vegas, and Gumbo. Some prefer keeping unusual names for their pets like Boogie Butt, Bookins, Boo Bear, Nu Nu or even Poopy!

Funny Kittens Health Care and Training

Funny kittens and puppies not only add joy in our daily lives but they also make you feel loved. Before having puppies as a pet one should update the knowledge about pets. Besides feeding, exercising and grooming one must also consider the other aspects of bringing up puppy in the house. Good health care and training is something that your kitten will benefit for the rest of his/her life and this will also make your life simpler. They not only require attention during the initial stages of their growth but good companionship even at later stages of their life is very important for their physical and psychological well being.


  Submitted on November 8, 2011