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Calico Kittens

Calico Kittens - Information on Facts, Care and Personality of Long Haired and Baby Calico Kitten

Calico kittens are not a particular breed.

Calico is actually a pattern of coloring that occurs in many different breeds of cats. This unusual pattern and coloring of these kittens occurs in many different breeds. Breeds such as domestic short hairs, Manx, and Persian cats, all have calico colors and markings. To be considered calico, the cat should be tri-colored.

The cat should also have patches of black, white, and orange or red color in their fur. There are some cat breeds in which there are standards and rules as to the percentage of colors in the fur for the cat to be considered calico. Almost always, calico kittens are female. Only in rare cases do you see male calico kittens.

This is usually because the orange and the black color are present on the X chromosome. Females, due to two X chromosomes, are more likely to be born calico.

Calico Kitten Facts and Care

Male calico cats are usually genetic anomalies; they have XXY chromosomes. There are various sections of colors on the fur of the calico cat. If calico kittens have a mix of orange and black fur, they are known as tortoiseshell cats. They usually have very little or no white fur. The calico cats, due to their short hairs, are not very difficult to take care of. Calico kitten care is therefore very simple. Calico kitten facts usually consist of the physical characteristics of these cats. A long haired calico kitten is usually a rare find. In most cases, calico kittens have medium or short hairs. Baby calico kittens may not show their real physical patterns or colors till they are much older. A male calico kitten, though rare, is usually of the same physical characteristics as those of the female calicos. These cute calico kittens make for beautiful pets.

Calico Kittens Personality

A calico kitten’s personality usually depends on the kind of breed that the kitten belongs to. There are variations of calico color pattern, but this does not have any kind of effect on the kitten’s personality or behavior. The diluted and pastel version colors are also seen in these kittens. The pattern is usually buff or cream-colored in the variations. In some cases, the black color of the calico kittens is replaced by a blue hue or slate gray color. Throughout the development of these cats, as well as the ancient civilizations, these cats have been considered extremely lucky. In Japan, especially, these calico cats are considered so lucky that most families keep the cats in their homes.

  Submitted on November 17, 2011