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Black Kittens

Black Kittens - Comprehensive Information on Black Kitten Breeds, Appearance and Adoption

Domestic cats are amongst the smallest breeds of the cat family.

However, they do share a lot of their characteristics with larger members of their family. Domestic cats are therefore predatory in nature. They are also extremely agile and can run quite fast for short bursts. This makes them ideal hunters of small prey such as rodents and small birds. Cats have been used for centuries as pets to help prevent rodent infestations.

Black Kitten Breeds, Appearance and Adoption

Black cats have been famous as harbingers of bad luck. In some cultures, black cats are actually considered to be good luck. There are many different legends and tales regarding the black cat. However, these are all forms of superstition. Black kitten adoption may be a great idea in areas rife with superstition as life for a black cat that has to fend for itself in such a hostile environment can be very hard.

Some people actually prefer to have black cat breeds as pets because they may like they way they look. A black kitten is a term used to describe any kitten that has a black coat of hair. The term black kitten does not refer to any specific breed. It instead refers to all breeds that produce black kittens. One of the most popular black kitten breeds is the Bombay breed of cats.

The Bombay black kitten is originally of Burmese descent but has its name associated with India’s most populous city. Black cat breeds have a particularly striking appearance often having brightly colored eyes. Black cats are also associated for centuries with stealthy activities because of their ability to move around unnoticed in the dark.

Cats are, in general, less affectionate than dogs. This is not to say that they are not affectionate at all. However, cats tend to pick and choose the moments when they wish to be affectionate, preferring, at other times, to remain on their own. Cats are also great as pets because they keep themselves and their living area clean. This is one distinct advantage that cats have over dogs. Black kitten breeds vary in their personality characteristics depending on the breed of the cat. One should note that black kitten breeds are extremely varied. One may come across a Persian black kitten which has thick long hair and a Bombay black kitten that has short coat of hair. Therefore the term black kitten or black cat being used to identify a type of cat is erroneous. It is therefore more common to have the cat breed and its color used to identify the specific type of cat that is being spoken of.

  Submitted on November 16, 2011