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Cute Kittens

Cute Kittens - Comprehensive Information on Nature, Health and Accessories For Kittens

It would be truly hard to find someone who doesn’t think that kittens are cute.

Simply search for “cute kittens” and your computer will be flooded with innumerable pictures of the cutest, fluffiest little felines you can imagine. Pictures of cute kittens and puppies are used in all sorts of greeting cards. If you are planning on bringing a cute kitten into your family, there are a lot of things that you need to need to be prepared for. First of all, it is important to remember that the needs of cute kittens and cats are different.

A full grown cat has very different needs. Kittens grow very fast in the first few weeks and need special care and nourishment.

You should ensure that their diet is adequately nutritious. Here are some useful things to bear in mind when bringing home a really cute kitten.

Cute Kitten Nature, Information and Accessories

A kitten’s eyes are very sensitive. The retina of the kitten’s eye is developing in the first few weeks following birth. Hence their vision is poor and they cannot see as well as full grown, adult cats. If you find that your kitten is unable to focus or has any sort of discharge near its eyes, this is a cause for concern. It is best to take your kitten to the vet and have him checked up.

A kitten has a basic nature of keeping itself clean. Ensure that you kitten’s coat has a smoothness to it at all times. Good hygiene will prevent many unwanted complications. Before you give any blankets or toys to your kitten, it is very important that you disinfect them. Washing them thoroughly with hot water will suffice, but make sure there is no detergent residue remaining, as this can cause allergies. It is best to use an extra rinse cycle. Also, you need to see to it that your kitten gets enough sleep. Kittens can sleep like babies and they need the sleep for healthy, normal growth. Cute little kittens are very curious and inquisitive by nature and they can be quite a handful. You need to ensure that your kitten is safe and free to play about. Keep an eye on him from time to time and never leave sharp objects lying around. You can get some fun and safe toys for your very cute kittens to play with. Cute kitten accessories and play toys are easily available in the market today.

Kitten's Health

You should be knowledgeable about your kitten’s health requirements. Your kitten is dependant on you to take the best decision for him. Sometimes, you may have to be wary of over protecting your kitten and being overcautious. You should think twice before attempting to get a kitten vaccinated early. A young kitten’s immune system is not fully developed and you may be too early for vaccination. It is best if you hang on till your kitten is about 8 months old. However, care should be taken that your kitten does not stay in the company of any unvaccinated cats. You should be aware that all available vaccines are not necessary for your kitten.

Most veterinarians will advise you honestly about the need for vaccination, or the lack of any need. In fact, too many vaccines can even be dangerous for your kitten. If you have been asked to get an annual booster vaccine, you should insist on a titer and find out whether the vaccine which was administered last year is still effective or whether you actually do need a booster. Finally, it is important that you let your cute little kittens have adequate exposure to the sun. Cute little kittens need Vitamin D to grow healthy.

  Submitted on November 8, 2011