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Siberian Kittens

Siberian Kittens - Temperament, Cost, Price of Silver, White and Black Siberian Kittens

Siberian kittens are a relatively new breed of cats, but are quickly rising in popularity in the USA.

Siberian kittens were introduced to the American soil in the year 1990, and ever since, the breed has become a favorite for many. There are many breeding programs in which these cats find their place.

Info on Silver, White and Black Siberian Kittens

Siberian kittens are the national cats of Russia and sport a long-haired coat that appears warm and furry.

They are large and strong, with a very sturdy build. Although Siberian cats have long hair, it the cat is hypoallergenic, and therefore, it makes for an ideal pet even for those who are allergic to cat dander. Silver Siberian kittens are considered among the finest and most beautiful pets.

There are also many other kinds of Siberian kittens such as the white Siberian kittens and the black Siberian kittens.

Siberian cats are a natural breed, and they have existed since uncountable years. These cats have been mentioned several times in some of the most ancient tests and have also been depicted in numerous Russian paintings. There is a lot of folklore around this cat, and most of it involves supernatural fantasy. Siberian kittens appear a lot like their Nordic cousins. They are often mistaken to be Norwegian forest cats, and on the first glance, it is not possible to tell them apart. However, Siberian cats are remarkably larger than Norwegian cats, and are known to be the second largest cats in the world. Siberian cats stand distinct from other similarly-sized cats owing to their rounded eyes and rounded ears. They also have a soft rounded face and large, rounded paws.

Temperament and Price of Siberian Kitten

Siberian cats have three layers of fur, along with a very soft undercoat. They have glossy hair, and a harsh coat. Since the cat is a natural breed, there are many colors and patterns that they are available in. Apart from silver, white, and black, these cats are also found in red, cream, and brown. They also have many different patterns and markings over their bodies. There are some common patterns apart from solids, like the mackerel tabby and the white tabby.

The temperament of the cat is ideally suited for domestication, and you would love to have one in your home. However, a Siberian kitten’s price can put you off a little, as these are very expensive cats. If you are interested in getting a Siberian kitten, the cost could be around $ 1500 for a pet substantially more for a show kitten.


  Submitted on November 16, 2011