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Tabby Kittens

Tabby Kittens - Information on Tabby Kitten Personality, Behavior and Care

Tabby kittens come in many different colors and sizes.

The one feature that is common among all tabby cats is the M-shaped mark on the forehead. Tabby cats are cuddly and lovable, and hence very popular among cat lovers. Here is some additional tabby kitten information.

Tabby Kitten Personality

Tabby cats do not constitute a separate breed of cats as is commonly thought. Tabby cats represent a distinct pattern which is found in some cats. A tabby kitten is an attractive creature.

These cats usually are brown in color with green eyes. The coat has a particular marking which takes the shape of stripes or swirls. The stripes on a tabby cat are similar to those on the body of a tiger. Tabby cats are graceful and beautiful beings. Tabby cats have a mackerel pattern on their coat which assumes the shape of a vertical fish bone.

Some cats even have unique spots across the body which sets them apart from other cats. The tail of a tabby cat, mostly, does not have any fur. The shape of the tail is narrow and long.

The tabby kitten personality differs among various tabby cat breeds. These cats are gentle and sweet. They also love receiving attention. They tend to spend a lot of time frolicking with their owners. Those that are especially close to their owners, also end up sharing the bed with them. Observers of the tabby cat personality maintain that the grey tabby cats are affectionate and lively. However they do get affected when they are restricted from doing things they love. These cats have a variety of activities that they enjoy. These range from eating certain cat foods to sitting in their favorite corner of the home. Even though tabby cats are known to be easy going, there may be times when they become angry and even ferocious.

Tabby Kitten Care

Understanding that not all kittens will behave alike is an important aspect of tabby kitten care. Kittens also react and behave differently than adult cats. In some cases, tabby cats tend to overreact while at other times, they may not show any emotion. Tabby cat behavior may be problematic when another pet is introduced. However they are able to adjust well after a period of time. Some tabby cats may also be quite reserved and may prefer their privacy. Much has been discussed and studied about the tabby cat personality and the curiosity surrounding these unique cats remains.

  Submitted on November 16, 2011