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Siamese Kittens

Siamese Kittens - Information on Care, Cost, Development, Food and Adoption of Siamese Kitten

The appearance of Siamese kittens is very different from other cats with its large blue eyes.

These cats all have identical coloring with dark shades at the tip of the tail, ears and snout. The life span of Siamese cats is longer than that of other breeds. This breed which is the oldest among the domesticated ones was considered a royal one and kept by the royalty in Siam.

These short haired cats have different colored points like cinnamon, lynx, torte, cream and several other shades.

Siamese Kitten Care

As Siamese cats have a short fur coat they do not need much grooming which makes Siamese kitten a lot easier. They also do not shed too much of hair and do not need brushing.

However, they love human company and want a lot of attention and stroking. They make good pets and are very devoted to their owner. Their playfulness and extrovert personality appeals to most people who prefer to keep this breed as a pet rather than the other furry ones. Siamese cats are not prone to many of the usual feline problems but are susceptible to gingivitis which is a disease of the mouth and gums, and heart and liver problems.

Siamese Kitten Cost

The Siamese kitten cost varies from place to place but they are expensive to buy. It is best to go through your vet to ensure that it is a pure bred one before you buy one, however, if you are adopting one from a cattery then it does not matter whether it has the required certificates or not as it is more as a pet that you are taking it home.

Siamese Kitten Development

The kittens like all other kittens are born blind and deaf but their sense of smell is strong. Their sense of touch is also very sensitive and without sight or hearing they can find the nipple to suckle on. They weigh around 3 ounces at birth and are five inches in length. However, this size depends on the size of the breed and bigger breeds could be more than this size. The Siamese development is as per a medium sized breed.

Siamese Kitten Food

If you have recently adopted a Siamese kitten give it the same food which it has been used to. If you want to start it on a different diet do so slowly and introduce the new food to it slowly by adding this to the previous diet a little at a time. Home made diets are fine but cannot give all the nutrition which the kitten requires and which is there is the cat food available off the shelf. Ready made foods have a special formula for kittens of various ages and this is what will make your cat healthy and well built. The Siamese kitten food should be as per the vet’s recommendation.

Siamese Kitten Adoption

While going in for a Siamese kitten adoption ensure that it has had all its shots and ask the vet about the parentage.


  Submitted on November 10, 2011