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Munchkin Kittens

Munchkin Kittens - Comprehensive Information on Napoleon, Persian and Himalayan Munchkin Kittens

Munchkin kittens are the short-legged kittens that are also often referred to as the Kangaroo cats.

These small cats almost went into extinction after the World War II, but fortunately, returned in 1982. Munchkin kittens are so named because of their incredibly tiny and furry appearance. Munchkin kittens are extremely good as pets, and kids love to have them.

Munchkin kittens have very short legs, and this is a result of genetic mutation.

It is only because of their genetics that munchkin kittens look so cute and furry. A litter of munchkin kittens can be short-legged, long-legged, or normal-legged. The genetic mutation inherited from one parent can lead to short legs in the kittens; however, if the embryo inherits the mutated gene from both the parents, it can be lethal for the kitten.

To avoid fatalities in munchkin kittens, a short-legged adult is always bred with a long-legged adult, resulting in a mix of long-legged, short-legged, and normal-legged kittens. When two long-legged munchkins are bred, there is still a chance for some embryos inheriting the gene mutation from both the parents, resulting in partial loss of the litter.

Napoleon, Persian and Himalayan Munchkin Kittens

Munchkins are also often known as the Napoleon munchkin kittens or the equivalent of dachshunds, because of their tiny legs. However, unlike the dachshunds, munchkin kittens show no problems with their legs or their back. As the breed continues to grow, there is a possibility of back problems that may begin to develop in these cats. However, till date, no such problems have been observed in these cats.

Apart from the short legs and the dwarfed appearance, munchkin kittens look just like any other cat. Their front legs are usually slightly shorter than the hind legs, forcing them to sit up on their hind legs. This makes them appear like small squirrels. They are extremely playful and are very sociable. They take to training very easily and love to be in a litter. Munchkin cats behave like kittens even when they are adults. If you have a munchkin cat at home, you can buy it some toys and you will find that it will spend most of its time playing with the toys. As mentioned earlier, munchkin cats make for ideal pets if you have small children at home.

Munchkin cats have also witnessed interesting inter breeding. Munchkins when mated with Persian cats, offer really beautiful looking dwarf cats known as Persian munchkin kittens. There are also the Himalayan munchkin kittens that are popular in Asia.



  Submitted on November 16, 2011