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Himalayan Cat Breed

The Himalayan cat breed is very similar to the Persian cat in terms of appearances.

The Himalayan cats have a heavy, short, large and low to the ground body.  It has long hair, a painted coat with blue eyes.  These cats were developed by breeding Persian and Siamese breeds. The name originates from the color pattern similar to Himalayan rabbits and goats. Himalayan cats are short with thick legs and a short bushy tail. Their bodies are well rounded and they have a short strong neck with a large round head.

All Himalayan cats have beautiful deep blue eyes. They have a flowing coat, six to seven inches long. These cats have a gentle and sweet temperament, hence they make good pets. These cats are available in variety of colors such as lilac, chocolate, seal, red and cream, blue, torte and lynx.

The grooming of this breed is said to be easier than the Persian breed. Since the topcoat is very silky and the undercoat is not that wooly, these cats rarely face a problem of matting. Daily combing is needed to get rid of the dead hair and to keep the hair tangle free. Keep a bristle brush and a wide tooth comb in the grooming kit. You might also need a fine toothed brush to comb the hair near the ears. Himalayan cats can be over-sensitive to overly warm climates. Hence in the summers, make sure you do not leave your cat without proper air conditioning. Keep a bathing tearless shampoo to keep the coat flowing and clean. Make sure they are fed healthy food. Provide them with fresh water and a clean litter box.  

When taking care of the health of Himalayan cats, one must remember that these cats are prone to hairballs which are formed when fur accumulates in the stomach. This cannot be passed through the digestive system. At such times give the cat laxatives. These cats can have ticks and parasites, since they are adventurous and outdoorsy. Keep them away from prickly plants as they get entangled with their fur. These cats are prone to certain health issues such as breathing problems or water eyes. None of these problems are fatal. These cats might breathe loudly due to their short noses.  Wipe the nose and eyes of the cats daily with a soft cloth or tissue regularly to keep the eyes and nose clean and to solve the problem of watery eyes.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010