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Napoleon Cat Breed

Cats are amongst the most common household pets all over the world and one of their main advantages is the fact that they are generally very low maintenance animals.

Napoleon cats are a small legged breed of cat that originated around 2002 in the United States of America. The breed is essentially a cross between a Persian, Himalayan or exotic shorthair with a munchkin to give it a small, fluffy baby doll look. The animal comes in a long hair and short hair variety.

The heads are short and broad while their cheeks are round and puffy. The nose appears short and broad and has a stop right between the eyes. The ears are not very large while the eyes seem to be a little too big for its face.

Even though the standard for Napoleon cats is that they have short legs, you will also find some varieties that have longer legs. As a result, this version of the breed is known to be non standard. The long haired versions of the cat have silky hair that form a well shaped mantle while the tail is also significantly bushy. The cats also come in a variety of coat colors as well as eye colors and all are considered to be standard.

The napoleon cats are known to have a very good temperament, are very enthusiastic and playful. This side of their character is believed to have come from the munchkin side of their genetics. However, depending on the situation, the cats will also tend to be rather calm and appreciate the closeness of their owners. They have a tendency to cuddle up really close and purr a lot. They are surprisingly agile animals considering how short their legs are. Most people will assume that they will not be able to mount a stool of reasonable height, but they manage to do so most of the time. Their rather dense coat is prone to attracting and retaining a lot of dust and dirt and thus requires regular cat grooming and cleaning. For pet health care, a weekly brush will help bring a shine back to the coat as well as get rid of any dirt that sticks to the hair. Any dead hair strands will also be taken care of. Their walk is a topic of much amusement for owners as well as strangers as they have a very noticeable waddle because of their short legs. They are also very heavy footed animals and, more often than not, you will hear them approaching you.

  Submitted on June 9, 2010