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Bengal Kittens

Bengal Kittens - Information on the Types, Personality, Temperament and Health Care For Bengal Kittens

Bengal Kittens are a hybrid breed of cats that are formed by crossing an Asian Leopard Cat with the domestic feline.

These Bengal cats have very wild looking markings. The appearance of the Bengal kittens is very characteristic of this breed. These cats have very large spots and a light colored belly. Apart from this, they also have rosettes on the body, and the overall structure of the cat is reminiscent of the larger Asian Leopard Cat.

The wild appearance of the cat is considered desirable.

Bengal Kittens Personality and Temperament

Apart from the wild appearance of the cat, there is nothing which is wild about the cat. In fact, the cat has a very docile temperament. However, to retain a pleasant temperament, the cat should be three generations removed from the original Asian Leopard Cat parent. A lot of people mistake the Bengal kittens to be related to Bengal tiger.

However, in reality, these felines are in no way related to the larger jungle cats. The appearance of the Bengal kittens is very characteristic. The Bengal kitten personality is also considered to be very desirable, if bred correctly. Among the many characteristic physical traits of the cat, there is also the horizontal striping along the eyes along with stripes on the forelegs. There are many different colors in which the cats are bred. In the newer bred cats, long haired Bengal cats are also shown in many show circles.

Bengal Kitten Care

The Bengal kittens’ personality, especially after three generations from the original crossing are bred, is gentle and docile. The first three filial generations of these cats are usually very wild and therefore, reserved especially for breeding purposes. The home environment is not right for them, but the generations that are further along are usually the best for keeping as pets. This makes Bengal kitten care very easy and convenient. More Bengal kitten information can be had from the various associations and breeders that promote Bengal kittens.

Types of Bengal Cats

There are four basic types of Bengal cats: the snow Bengal Kittens, which are also known as the silver Bengal kittens, the brown Bengal kittens, the spotted Bengal kittens, and finally, the marbled Bengal kittens. All of these kittens are bred in the same manner, but are different only in their basic physical characteristics. Generally, the spotted brown-colored kittens are most popular.

The white and the marbled kittens are the most rare and difficult to find. Apart from these basic four types of Bengal cats, there are many other kinds of cats that are bred from among these four main kinds of cats. In the UK, there are six kinds of Bengal kittens, and in the US, there are even more types of Bengal cats.

  Submitted on November 10, 2011