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British Shorthair Kittens

British Shorthair Kittens - Characteristics, Appearance and Temperament of British Shorthair Kitten

Cats are popular pets that are easily domesticated and tend to be extremely easy to take care of.

Cats used to be kept as pets during times gone by because of their ability to hunt and kill rodents. The cat family is associated with many different types of hunting animals in the wild. The hunting, navigation and mobility skills of the bigger cats are mirrored in domestic cats as well.

There are many different cat breeds that a person could purchase to keep as a pet.

The choice of breeds is essentially based on the desire of the pet owner. Different breeds suit different tastes of people. It may also be noted that certain breeds such as Maine Coon need to be kept in cooler climates because they are adapted to cold weather.

One such breed of cats is known as the British shorthair breed. The British shorthair is, as the name suggests, a cat that has a short coat of hair. The appearance of the coat of the British shorthair looks similar to fur. The British shorthair is a large sized cat with most adults being medium or large by feline standards. The breed is also strong and powerful, thus making it capable of hunting rodents and other small animals.

British Shorthair Kitten Characteristics, Appearance and Temperament

The British shorthair kitten is characterized by it short hair, round face, thick round cheeks and short legs. There are other features of the general appearance of British shorthair kittens that make them extremely popular as pets. Another important reason why people like to keep British shorthair kittens is their temperament. The British shorthair kitten temperament is a very relaxed and docile one. The British shorthair kitten temperament is well suited to the urban system of living. British shorthair kittens are not too troubled by being alone and are extremely quiet as well. This suits many people, particularly those who may have one or two people living in the house. In such a situation, the cat needs to be able to handle itself when it is alone and the British shorthair kitten is one of the best breeds to do this.

Naturally, one needs to take adequate care of a kitten as the young one develops. At the initial stage of life, it may not be possible to leave a British shorthair kitten, or any kitten for that matter, alone for long periods of time. Vaccination and general health care for British shorthair kittens is similar to other breeds.


  Submitted on November 11, 2011